What PAAG does

We are an advisory group made up of animal welfare organisations, specialists, vets, and Defra representatives working to promote responsible pet advertising. We aim to:

  • Ensure that where pet animals are advertised for sale this is done legally and ethically
  • Engage with websites and publications to ensure they have up to date knowledge on animal welfare issues in relation to advertising pets for sale
  • Highlight illegal adverts to website providers so that they can be removed promptly
  • Encourage those websites which advertise pets for sale to self regulate and comply with agreed minimum standards which underpin a legal and ethical approach to the trade in pets
  • Raise public awareness of the need to act responsibly when buying pets from websites and publications

The group is working to deal with the increasing problem of inappropriate adverts appearing on classified websites, and have drawn up a set of minimum standards we would like websites to adhere to, as well as success criteria we would like them to aim towards. We are working to ensure that as many sites as possible sign up to these standards and advertise pets in a responsible way. We feel this continuing work with websites is vital, especially given the lack of regulation with regards to the online sales of pets.

We urge buyers to be cautious when buying an animal online, and look at the guidance we have included on this site. We have seen a number of cases where people have unwittingly purchased poorly or problem pets. To watch a video showcasing some of these cases, please follow this link.

If you have bought an animal from a classified ad or website that has turned out to be a poorly or problem pet, we want to hear from you. Please let us know of your experiences.