Did you know:

Fish, like all animals, need five things to be healthy and happy; these are called the five welfare needs. Under the Animal Welfare Act 2006, and equivalent legislation in Scotland and Northern Ireland, all owners need to provide these five things for the pets they keep:

1. Environment – a suitable living environment
2. Diet – a suitable diet
3. Behaviour – to be able to behave normally
4. Companionship – to have appropriate companionship
5. Health – to be protected from pain, suffering, injury and disease

If you decide to buy fish, PAAG recommends the following:

  • Good water quality is essential. Getting the water quality right in your aquarium is one of the most important factors in keeping fish healthy. This means finding out how many fish your aquarium can support, as well as researching equipment such as filters and air pumps. Seek advice from an experienced aquarist to establish your aquarium. Advice is also available from books, websites and specialist shops.
  • Tap water should always be treated before being added to an aquarium, as chlorine is harmful to fish
  • Ensure you buy from someone who has experience in keeping fish
  • Ensure that the fish you buy are healthy and free from any sign of injury or disease
  • Ensure you provide adequate facilities to transport your fish home and ensure water temperatures are the same when transferring them to their new environment
  • If any paperwork is unavailable and has to be sent on, obtain a written commitment as to when it will be delivered
  • Never over-stock your aquarium
  • If different species are to be mixed, ensure that they have compatible environmental requirements and will not fight
  • Remember, fish require specialist veterinary care which could involve referral to a specialist and be expensive

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